Saturday, November 19, 2011

A dinosaur just broke into my house and is playing cards with my child?

Should I allow him to continue his pleasant gesture and trust him or is he trying to decieve us?

To be more specific, I think it is a Miniature Raptor.

A dinosaur just broke into my house and is playing cards with my child?
With what babysitters cost today, I say take the freebie!
Reply:don't let him eat anyting
Reply:haha that happened to me yesturday just let him play with your kids he means well but don't let him win or he will take your sox
Reply:Go with it......if they are having fun then great. Children always need friends
Reply:have a gun handy just incase he trys to kill your kid!
Reply:Depends on the child's age! I would not leave them alone for any period of time, unless God knocks at the door!
Reply:You better get a BIG litter box...And don't let him take your kid outside.
Reply:just make sure he dosent try to backdoor the kid
Reply:IT'S BARNEY!!!!!



Reply:Well, it depends on the age of your child... Most card games are for children 6 or older. If you don't care about age restricitons you might as well unlock all of the porn TV Stations.
Reply:I think as long as the diosaur is not teaching him to is ok.
Reply:If it's purple and constantly smiling,throw that dinosaur out now... Before that poor kid's mind is damaged even more .
Reply:dinosaurs are extinct!
Reply:just let them have fun
Reply:I would not leave your child in a room alone with a Raptor and a deck of cards. Didn't you know that Raptors are notorious card counters? He'll have your kid's college fund cleaned out faster than you can say "ice age"!! For the love of Pete!! Get off the computer and go rescue your child!
Reply:I think someone should take her to the nearest doctor!?!
Reply:if you ignore it, then it gets bigger

dunner worry, in the story it puts the house back when it shrinks
Reply:what sho talkin' 'bout willis?
Reply:My only concern is that raptors sometimes leave horrible messes. But if you're okay with that, why not?

They're not gambling, are they? :) May God bless and keep you.
Reply:LET HIM PLAY. lol
Reply:i agree with mike

also mabey you should talk to him and ask him allitle about him/her self

dose he/she have fammilly

Reply:wake up now
Reply:take a photo
Reply:It depends on how much you like your kid.

Test the Raptor's intentions by smearing bar-b-que sauce on the kids torso. You'll soon find out if you can trust the CARNIVOROUS beast.
Reply:Is his name Barney Jr?

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