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What is the probability of drawing a spade or a picture card from a regular deck of playing cards?

explain your steps to the answer

if you can please help me with this too:

a bag of yummy candy has 45 pieces. the candy comes in 4 colors:white, green, red, and blue. The probability of picking a white is 1/9, a red 1/5, and a green 1/3. How many pieces of each color are in a bag. explain how you found your answer or show

What is the probability of drawing a spade or a picture card from a regular deck of playing cards?

52 cares in a deck

there are 13 spades in a deck thus the probabillity of drawing spades is 13/52

there are 16 face cards in a deck however 4 of those are spades

so that leaves 12/52

making the probabillity of drawing one or the other 25/52

45 pieces of candy

if 1/9 are white 5 are white because 5/45 = 1/9

if 1/5 are red 9 are red because 1/5= 9/45

if 1/3 are green 15 are green because 1/3= 15/45

blue= 16 because blue=45-(9+5+15)

the probabillities listed are reduced form of the exact number of candies of that color over the total number of candy.

colornumber/totalnumber to find the specific number of that ratio just divide by the denominator. and to find the number of blue add the rest and subtract from 45
Reply:There are 13 Spades in the deck: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A

There are also 12 face cards in the game:










Along with 3 SPADE FACE CARDS which don't count

That leaves you with 13 spades and 9 face cards

Probability is defined as favorable outcomes over total outcomes. Therefore, your answer is 22/52 which is simplified to 11/27

Number Two:

You need to find a common denominator, in this case, 45 works

For 1/9, you need to multiply it by 5/5 so you get 5/45. There are 5 white pieces

1/5, you need to multiply by 9/9 (1) so you get 9/45

1/3 you need to multiply by 15/15 (1) so you get 15/45





Technically, this problem dosent work... I think

Oops I didn't see the blue -.- I hope it works now

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