Saturday, November 19, 2011

Playing cards?

why are there jokers in a pack of playing cards for. have they r aways been in a pack of cards if not when were they put in and why.

Playing cards?
Some games require the use of the jokers, but the reason most put them in is the printing. The basic sheets print the entire deck (both sides) 7 cards by 8 cards, for a total of 56. That would be 52 regular playing cards, two Jokers, and two additional cards with advertising
Reply:My father told me that there was a game where they do actually use the joker but I don't think he ever told me what the name of the game was. Maybe he didn't know himself, just someone else told him. It would be interesting to find out though. Have a star.
Reply:Kings %26amp; Queens love Jesters. Jesters = Jokers.
Reply:Its just a joke.
Reply:If you play Gin Rummy, you use the jokers as floating cards
Reply:if u play big 2 u use jokers 4 any card u want except 2
Reply:i use the joker if one of the cards get damaged on the back and the other players then know what it is.....ill only do this if i don't have a new deck Handy.

Also there are a few game that use the joker.
Reply:Theyre for playing with you total douche.

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