Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?

Please tell me how do u read tarot card's. I also heard that u can use a deck of playing cards and if u can how do u read those??????

How do u read Tarot Cards or Deck of Playing Cards?
There is no way to give such a detailed answer on here. Get a book on Tarot and study the cards. It's fun.
Reply:It's a little more involved than something you can plonk onto a message board. It takes a lot of study, meditation and focus-work as well as patience. I've never used a regular card deck, only tarot decks - but I suggest you start out with a "gentle" deck like the Connolly deck or the Robin Wood deck - find one that has images that are pleasing to you and that you feel drawn to - don't just pick a deck off the shelf and call it good. There's a fair amount of info on and readers and info on the e-list and website but I'll warn you now: These folks take it seriously and will expect you to do the same if you're really wanting to learn.
Reply:There is not enough time or space in this format to answer your question. Try us here:

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