Saturday, November 19, 2011

Playing Cards!!!!!!?

does anyone know any cool things i can do with a deck of cards? i can you cool shuffles, but i wnna know some cool things i can do, im learning stuff so i can show my mate and he will be jelous i can do it and he cant, so , anyone got vids of cool things with cards? or just explain what it is and ill look for a vid myself

Thanks,. mowgli

Playing Cards!!!!!!?
if you lay a deck of cards face down in a single line such that all the cards overlay 90% of the card to one side of it on somethign the cards can "grip" such as felt or carpet, you can grab the last card that is the bottom card at one side of the row and flip them causing them to reverse domino so that they all flip over and lay on the other side, its hard to explain in text but its really pimp when you do it.

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