Monday, May 24, 2010

How do i talk to people when i am playing cards in a room ican,t seem to type in like everyone else does?

i don,t seem to be able to type in on screen wheni am playing game with other people to talk with them in the room i can watch them talk to each other but i can,t send them as much as a hello when i am playing cards in a room at there table

How do i talk to people when i am playing cards in a room ican,t seem to type in like everyone else does?
fix your problem by doing the following.for cards and board games/yahoo. i have tryed to cover all common problems i know of here!

yahoo now uses popups to enter rooms,DO NOT turn off popup blocker,no need.if you do you get flooded with popups. click on popup blocker click on always allow.add to list. then the 1st thing you do when you enter lounge is check play small window in option box. if you don't and enter room you get grey screen(,if you leave it ) you get errors in logging in..once in small room you can expand it,,you only see top half of cards but you can play.and see chat area so you can talk to other is now running sales ads in rooms. email them and let them know what you don't like about new format i did, if everyone does this maybe they will stop it. the site to complain using( feedback) link this site will also help answer your problems. if you are having TINY FONTS(letters) its because of java's new update,to fix go to control panel open internet options advance tab,unclick the 2 java listed click apply close.back to normal. this will also SPEED UP game loading time. if it says ERROR 999 answers and some help found here keeping PC defragged, and running CCleaner (free from filehippo.con ) this and increasing you memory.helps with the FREEZING UP can increase your memory by..going to control panel,system, advance tab,performance,advance tab,virtual memory,change,make it 526kb or higher,click apply then ok.

card player euchre/spades yahoo/pogo. good luck, hope it helps
Reply:On Yahoo Games ?

If that is the case, have you tried to click (left-click) in the space that you are supposed to write ? Only one click and then you can play and write, do not need to click every time you want to write, just the first time you enter that room.
Reply:You might have to create a new account. This one person I play cards with had a hacker put a chat-lock on him. It could be that.
Reply:i don't know.... in Internet card game you presume?

maybe you keyboard is malfunctioned!!!!

or your not open to them somekinda!!

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