Monday, May 24, 2010

Whatre the best playing cards in the world?

best few.. i know jerry's nugget cards are one of them

Whatre the best playing cards in the world?
I deal poker in Las Vegas and most major casinos use either the kem cards or the copage. Both are a little smaller then a normal deck of cards, plus they are made of plastic and not paper. They do this because it is hard to mark a plastic card and they last so much longer then paper cards do, we only change are set-ups at work once a month. But these cards can be expensive to buy, they run from 12-25 bucks a deck. good luck..
Reply:I like the brand BEE
Reply:Jerry's are great but expensive as hell. I just tend to stick with the good ol' Bicycles.
Reply:I love my Kems. Have had them for a long time and have never had to replace one yet. We play very often with food drinks and such going around. Since they are plastic, I just wash them off and let them dry. When not playing poker we use them for family games and almost every night to play solitaire. They have my vote!!

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