Monday, May 24, 2010

Why am i unable to play cards at yahoo ive been playing 4 years?

Yahoo’s new updates to games has caused a lot of game demo’s to be “damaged” click on TOOLS , internet options, general tab, temp files, settings, view objects. Delete the game you are having problems with. It will reload next time you visit the site. Then log on to yahoo mail or answers, Before you click on games. Being pre-logged in seems to make things go better and faster..

Yahoo games open with a pop up. Most toolbars like yahoo and internet explorer have pop up blockers! When you try getting in lounge or room and it doesn't work. click on pop up blocker on yahoo tool bar. On the drop down list click on Always allow tab it will say recent pop ups blocked. high light then click allow.

. IE browser settings to allow pop ups Right click on Tools, internet options, privacy tab, cookie over ride. Type in, allow then ok. This is the proper way to use the pop up blocker. I have never had a problem or had to hold any keys down to get in.

If you are using norton antivirus you may need to turn it off until you are in room. The_Default_Security_Policy foxfire setting to allow yahoo games.

You may need to update your Java

Why am i unable to play cards at yahoo ive been playing 4 years?
The server was down 4 days ago.
Reply:probably just a glitch.
Reply:check for pop up blockers your av program may have one, internet provider may also,and your firewall may be keeping you out .you can try holding the ctrl key down when trying to enter a room.

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