Monday, May 24, 2010

Question about images on playing cards?

Why does the King of Hearts appear to be stabbing himself in the head, while the King of Diamonds is apparently praying with an axe nearby?

Why is the King of Clubs also apparently stabbing himself in the head, while the King of Spades is holding a double-sided sword in front of him?

Why is the Joker so often depicted on a unicycle holding 3 aces which all seem to be spades?

Question about images on playing cards?
Although many different people have been represented by the face cards, the major players were

King of Hearts, Charlemagne Recognized by the ermine fur on his clothing

King of Clubs, Alexander the Great on his card you can see a globe showing he had conquered the known world

King of Spades, David, His swords is the largest, he took Goliath's swords and cut off his head remember

King of Diamonds, Julius Caeser his hand is raised in the Roman salute with the Roman ax in the background, he is also the only one eyed king which shows he was murdered while in power
Reply:King of hearts is represented by a mild suicidal king, who held in all his agonies. The king of clubs was his son, who comiited suicide after seeing his father die. The king of Diamonds is suppose to represent a very religious king. And the king of spades represents a great conquerer.

And the joker just a loser

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