Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ment Condish Elvis Playing Cards. The value?

I have a deeck of Elvis Signiture Playing Cards. Still in the box wrapped in the original plastic covering. It is Bicycle Brand and the front of the box is a picture of Elvis in his yonger age wearing a white polo and going down on the lft hand side it says elvis in red... the picture of Elvis is in black and white [just giving u a vision of what the box looks like]... Does anyone have a suggestion of the value these cards may be worth?

Ment Condish Elvis Playing Cards. The value?
These seem to be a very popular item. It appears that everyone who bought one held on to it, hoping it would become valuable.

The sellers on ebay are not getting any buyers at $4.99 plus shipping, so I would guess it's worth less than that.

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