Monday, May 24, 2010

OK I GIVE UP... How do I get back into playing cards ????

I have tried everything to get into cards like hearts and can't but anyone else CAN get in on my computer with there user ID... But not me , I even tried a new user ID and still couldn't get in ... This is crazy , I haven't done anything to be blocked for... Have emailed Yahoo 20 times and they are of no help at all... You would think they would care a little I can't be the only one this is happening to...Does anyone out there have a clue what I shold so here ... I have cleared everything and tried a new and that isn't working... I have tried going to mail then cards that doesn't work.... Please Help if you can.... like I said I might as well try talking to a wall as trying to get through to Yahoo....

OK I GIVE UP... How do I get back into playing cards ????
Hi, Sorry you are having trouble. Log on to Yahoo! Mail first then go to games. This by-passes My Yahoo!'s main page and gets you around the error message. Be sure you don't have your last connection open. Enjoy your gaming!

UPDATE; Since that isn't everyone's problem maybe it isn't yours either. But it was mine! You may need this information also. And loads of other reasons are there, all for the same questions. When there are no specifics we just have to guess. Then follow up with comments via e-mail and messenger.

Update your Java:

Test your Sun Java for latest update:

Please follow these instructions to enable the Sun JRE though your Web browser:

Hope this does it for you.

P.S. Yahoo! doesn't answer these questions! Players are just trying to be helpful.
Reply:seems as if your java is not running
Reply:I have the some thing. Just buy a computer games. Like cards games

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