Thursday, May 20, 2010

Why are men like a deck of playing cards?

because you need a heart to love them a diamond to marry them a club to beat them and a spade to bury them

Why are men like a deck of playing cards?
Q: Why are women like a deck of cards?
Reply:Also because you're always having to deal with them.
Reply:thats true lol
Reply:And we dump the two jokers...

Before we get our game on...
Reply:Because there easy to play lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:is this answer my own question site tho?
Reply:that's good, loved it
Reply:I would say it's more because it takes so much to build them up, and they are never stable afterwards...

...or maybe I'm just describing myself.
Reply:Because women love playing with their HEARTS.
Reply:My wife loved that one lol.
Reply:lol then u rinse and repeat
Reply:Because women go thru 52 of them quicker than you can say Paris Hilton.
Reply:hahaha, haven't heard that a million times
Reply:*LOL* very good!
Reply:kool lol
Reply:Why are women like screen doors ?

Once they get banged a few times they loosen up.
Reply:Excellent. hee heeee.
Reply:oh how witty
Reply:cause of their genetics and sometimes they are just very stupid

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