Monday, May 24, 2010

Reading fortunes with regular playing cards?

Im curious how this is done. A friend of mine says she does it. She has mutual friends of ours who can vouch for her that she is accurate. She said she uses a book. How is this done with regular playing cards?? Ive heard of tarot but hmmmm!!!

Reading fortunes with regular playing cards?
We are going back to the Russian gypsies. They are used not just for guidelines, like doing a tarot spread, which there are many of, but also as meditation and divination. Cartomancy is very old fashioned and very reliable, in fact it is preferred depending on who you speak to and what it is you are looking for. It works in tandem and as the same in symbolism, however it is more intimate- it is up to the individual which path they choose. There are books, yes and if you are interested, I would ask your friend if she is willing to communicate. I am not sure if my words help or not, just relaying my experiences.
Reply:Yep. It's done. Try reading "The Secrets of Gypsy Fortune Telling" by Raymond Buckland. This technique is covered in there, along with many others.

There's one with a layout, like Tarot Cards, and then there's meanings for each individual card.
Reply:I read cards like this as well, its called Cartomancy. It helps if your a bit psychic as well but its not required. Here's links to some sites with more information on the cards meanings.
Reply:You are the one who created and shape your future, not anything else... You the only one who can rewrite the secret road of your's...

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